TRX-Yoga Fusion

TRX Suspension Training CertifiedTRX YOGA FUSION WORKOUT
Scale, complement, & improve your yoga practice
TRX Yoga Fusion

Mixing TRX with yoga is a great hybrid workout.
The suspension both supports and challenges many yoga poses. TRX for Yoga suspension training makes advanced poses more accessible by eliminating any fear of falling, boosting essential core strength and guiding you toward optimal alignment. Enhance your yoga practice using the TRX Suspension Trainer with this TRX for Yoga Flow Workout. The TRX Suspension Trainer builds the ultimate foundation for yoga practice.

TRX Yoga Fusion

Why TRX Yoga Flow?
The TRX trainer was invented by a Navy SEAL to hone balance, flexibility, strength and core stability simultaneously. It consists of a hanging strap that gives you leverage against gravity to assist you in difficult yoga poses, while also working the strength and flexibility you need to achieve the pose in your regular yoga flows.

Just like traditional yoga props such as blocks or bolsters, the TRX trainer can be used to support and enhance many poses. Because you are partially suspended, TRX develops muscle strength and helps build confidence for poses that be difficult or scary. Can’t balance on one leg for tree pose? TRX can help! Headstands sound terrifying? Not a problem!

Benefits of TRX for Yogis of Every Level
Beginners. TRX is a great tool to assist the to get more closely in tune with their bodies and explore different types of yoga poses. There are a numerous ways to use the strap to learn how to better engage.

Experienced Yogis. TRX assists in safely working on challenging poses like inversions, arm balances, which can be scary or complex in a normal yoga studio. Using the straps, you will learn which muscles to engage in a pose without supporting all of your bodyweight or worrying about falling. This kind of support teaches your body how a pose should feel and tone muscles in an unexpected way.

An added bonus of TRX Yoga Fusion is a big boost in confidence. Intermediate and advanced yoga poses like Crow, Handstand and backbends can be scary at first. The security of the anchored strap makes it easier to face those fears and feel the possibility.

What People are Saying

  • “I tried a TRX-Yoga Fusion class and it changed everything. It turns out a little extra support was all I needed to conquer my yogi fears and attempt a headstand.” (Megan Kennedy)
  • I tried a Trx-Yoga Fusion class and it modified everything. (Annabelle Arntzen)
  • I was able to move into a bunch of new poses. A whole lot of fun! (Erin Macentire)

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