Lindsay Lambert (Owner of Paddling Yogini LLC & One Mind Yoga)

Meet Owner Lindsay of Paddling Yogini LLC! She grew up in the Bellevue/Issaquah area of Washington state. She’s been an athlete all of her life, with a 12+ years background in competitive swimming (national ranked) and water polo which ultimately lead to my career in teaching. After completing her 1st of many lifeguard certifications in 1999, she began instructing aquatic based classes at swimming pools, water parks and beaches through 2015. Lindsay’s focus moved in the direction of land-based fitness in 2010. Practicing and teaching Vinyasa Yoga, mat Pilates, PiYo™ and TRX™ (Suspension Training) became her new passion.

Lindsay fell in love with Vinyasa yoga and mat Pilates for the benefits of balance, flexibility & breath awareness. She has a passion for challenging her students & helping them to take their practice to the next level. Inversions, arm balancing, deep bends & twist are just some of her favorite explorations in practice. Lindsay started taking TRX Suspension Training classes for the strength, flexibility and core focused components of the workout. Also, she wanted the 8 pack (abs) she could never achieve with other fitness formats. Quickly she became very passionate about TRX!

Lindsay started her TRX education journey 9 years ago and now has completed the Suspension Training Course (STC), Group Training Course (GTC) qualifications & finally earned her Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC) certification with TRX. In those years she’s created 4 different formats TRX Yoga Fusion, TRX Basics, TRX Core Ball & TRX HIIT.

5 years ago, Lindsay decided to put her knowledge of water and land based exercise together. Through Bliss Paddle Yoga™ she certified as a Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga instructor & certified PaddleFit Core coach through PaddleFit™. Her mobile SUP business- Paddling Yogini LLC was born. She now races, paddles, flows & teaches on paddle boards all over the PNW.

As a teacher, Lindsay’s passion is to make a positive impact on students’ lives. She believes through a healthy mind, body & spirit you can achieve anything. She enjoys teaching all ability levels, beginners to advanced students. As a mother, she feels a healthy lifestyle should be introduced to children at a young age & encouraged through their lives. Lindsay is very passionate about raising her 3 children & helping them learn to lead healthy lives of their own. She has 3 little yogis: a 16 year old daughter who is an artist, writer, & yogini, an 11 year old son, who loves yoga, swimming, SUP & soccer & and infant who loves the water & attending mama’s morning classes each day!

In August 2017, Lindsay opened One Mind Yoga – Issaquah where she can offer certified TRX Training, yoga for all ages/abilities, foam rolling, family fitness and Stand-Up-Paddleboard fitness! Her studio is very welcoming to all walks of life and no matter where you are with your fitness journey, you’ll find the support you need! Contact her today: Info@OneMind.Yoga

Carley (Owner of Carley Yoga)

Meet Carley of Carley Yoga! In 2015, Carley earned her 200 hour teaching certificate through 8 Limbs Yoga Centers and became a certified SUP Yoga instructor through Paddle Bliss. She has also taken workshops with Annie Carpenter, Carmen Aguilar, and Kino MacGregor.

“What draws me to yoga is what it does for my body and my mind. I feel more confident in my own body, fulfilled and centered by the end of my practice no matter if it was a “good” practice or not. I also, enjoy both the challenge and therapeutic opportunities yoga offers. I like teaching all levels and love sharing yoga with people because I believe in its healthy effects in every aspect of our lives. I hope to guide my students in a gentle and strong practice, learning to cultivate strength and mobility for a practice that can last you a lifetime!”  Contact her today: CarleyRidoutHeath@gmail.com 

Amy (Owner of Enliven Here)

Meet Amy of Enliven Here LLC! Amy, raised in New Orleans, LA began her yoga journey in 1995 and continues to develop through practice & humility. Once a National ranking Competitive Figure Skater, Marathon Runner and now recreational cyclist & skier Amy has experienced the physical, emotional, & mental challenges to win, to greatly fail, and learning to to get back up.  After graduating from Louisiana State University with her Bachelor Degree in Construction Management Amy created a very success 20+ year career being part of multi-million dollar projects. Amy’s days were full and long as construction never sleeps so her yoga practice became her place to heal and counter pose the stress hidden deep within her whole body & mind.  Loving her own practice and having the time to dedicate (no kids) Amy received her 500 hour Viniyoga Certification in 2007 and completed her Yoga Therapist Certification in May 2013 accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapist.  After having her son in 2009, Amy decided to quit her career in Construction and focus on her new path as Mama and teach Yoga & Meditation. Contact her today: therapeuticyogaworks@yahoo.com

Lori (Owner of Morning Glory Yoga)

Meet Lori of Morning Glory Yoga! Lori grew up in New Jersey and spent most of her adult life in Indianapolis. She moved to Issaquah in 2015 and absolutely loves life in the Pacific Northwest. Lori has been practicing yoga since 1999. Although she was initially attracted to yoga for the physical challenge, she soon came to appreciate the more mindful benefits of her yoga practice. Making a positive difference in people’s lives is important to Lori, so as her personal practice grew she wanted to bring yoga to other people. Lori earned her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate at All People Yoga Center in Indianapolis in 2002 and studied Iyengar Yoga for several years with Jyoti Hansa. She began teaching vinyasa yoga at various yoga studios in Indianapolis in 2002 and appreciates any opportunity to share the joy of yoga with others.
Lori aspires to integrate the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga in her classes through alignment, conscious breathing, and mindfulness. She begins each class with few moments of centering and focused breathing and ends each class with 5-10 minutes of deep relaxation. Throughout her classes, Lori links movement with breath and provides verbal cues to help students maintain some mindfulness of their body. She hopes you will come to her classes ready to learn and laugh and leave feeling more peaceful, joyful, and contented. Contact her today: lorieheath@live.com

Sarah (Owner of Happy Baby Birth Services)

Meet Sarah of Happy Baby Birth Services! Sarah grew up with her mother practicing yoga at home, and began her own yoga practice in her teens to balance the effects of weightlifting. She’s dropped the weightlifting, but has continued to explore yoga, which has supported her in many ways in the years since. At present, she’s cultivating a practice for long term physical health, and beginning to explore how increase her social justice work informed by study in the yamas and niyamas. She teaches asana as practices for lifelong physical and mental health. Her intention is to help students create and cultivate their own practice in calm and nurturing space. Her asana classes integrate strength, flow, and mindfulness to promote self-awareness in mind and body. She is especially passionate about working with expectant and new mothers to cultivate practices that nurture and support them through the transformations of pregnancy and early parenthood. In addition to teaching yoga, Sarah is a birth doula and childbirth educator serving the Eastside (www.happybabyseattle.com).

Sarah combines an academic background in human anatomy and public health with training in Eastern and Western philosophy. After 15 years of personal practice, Sarah completed 200 hour and Prenatal Yoga teacher training at 8 Limbs Yoga Center, and is currently pursuing a 500 hour certification. In her free time, she loves to hike, camp, and travel with her family and spend time with her two boys. Contact her today: sarah@happybabyseattle.com

Hester (Owner of Hester Morrissey
Integrative Medicine Health Coaching)

Meet Hester of Hester Morrissey
Integrative Medicine Health Coaching! Hester is a certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach from the Academy of Integrative Medicine. Hester’s mission it is to help people overcome the pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression that are often experienced with autoimmune disease. With root cause analysis, functional medicine lab testing and holistic health coaching there is hope for you and anyone you know who suffers from these conditions.

Hester teaches you the healing actions you can take today to achieve the balanced body, mind, heart and spirit that you desire. Having improved her own vitality by remitting and significantly reducing energy-sapping autoimmune disease symptoms such as vertigo, brain fog, joint pain and migraines, Hester is passionate about empowering you to create the vibrant life you deserve and reaching your personal wellness goals. Contact her today: hester@bodynew.solutions