Class Etiquette

Class etiquette is all about thinking of the greater good. Here at One Mind Yoga we are all about building a positive community! Please be mindful of your fellow classmates during the practice/workout. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Contribute to the Experience

  • Be punctual, we open 15 minutes before class start time
  • Our space is cozy, we have limited space for extra belongings
  • Silence all electronics before class
  • Minimize conversation before and after class
  • Respect others’ space
  • Clean up your props and mat after class

Respect Other’s Air

  • Mind personal hygiene
  • This is a “scent free” space,  please no perfume, cologne, or smoke smell

Dress for Class

  • We are a barefoot space, please remove shoes as your enter
  • Wear comfortable/modest clothing

Respect the Teacher

  • Please register/make payment for class in advance
  • Check in as you enter the studio
  • Always let your teacher know your injuries prior to class
  • Limit conversations during class
  • Clean up your props and mat after class