One Mind Yoga welcomes you to join our community of welcoming, friendly students and extraordinary, experienced teachers. Together we will develop strength, stability, flexibility, mental clarity, and a peaceful mind.

TRX Yoga Fusion

An exciting part of our yoga studio is the use of the TRX Suspension system – arguably the best yoga prop available. TRX uses body weight and gravity resistance to improve strength and flexibility. The fusion of TRX and Yoga enhances the deep benefits of yoga, enhancing core stability, strength and flexibility. TRX Yoga Fusion will improve your mobility and stability, while refining your yoga postures. Together, TRX and yoga safely deepen stretches and increases core strength. This fusion effectively balances strength and relaxation.


Fitness for Every Age & Body

OMY Owner Lindsay Lambert & her certified instructors will help you find the right class for every age and ability. Beginners will start by building a solid foundation in our TRX HIIT Basics & All Level Yoga classes. As a student develops a consistent fitness routine, their daily practice/workout will progress and open new challenges to prevent hitting a fitness plateau. TRX HIIT & TRX Yoga Fusion classes are designed to take our dedicated students to a new level in their practice/workout. We invite you with open arms to join our OMY Community!

Find the Right Class

We offer quality yoga classes in a variety of yoga traditions, levels, and times to help you live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Yoga Fun Facts

  • Yoga is gaining popularity. The number of American yoga practitioners hasincreased to over 36 million in 2016, up from 20.4 million in 2012.
  • Yoga is for everybody. There are more male and older practitioners than ever, approximately 10M male and 14M over 50.
  • Yoga practitioners have a more positive view of their capabilities and stronger minds.

Americans who have tried yoga:
Americans who will try yoga this year:
Yoginis who live green, eat sustainably and donate time
Americans who believe “yoga is good for you.”